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Born in London
Currently basded in rural Suffolk

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Curriculum Vitae

Sophie Standford (she/her) was born in London, UK. Her parents were musicians. Playing musical instruments and attending dance classes from an early age established the importance of sound, music and performative actions in her work.

Standford studied Fine Art at the Ruskin School, Oxford University where she graduated with a First Class Honours degree in 1994. Based in the sculpture department an art practice making performances documented through film, photography and text emerged.

Performance offers Standford a way of being alert to encounters in the world, pursuing the interaction between thought, experience and memory.

Her interest in the world of sound is as an emotive and disorientating force in the field and through the mysterious language of musical notation.

Standford’s ongoing project ‘in the forest garden’ has made her alert to how unresolved and contentious our human relationship with nature has become and the damage we wreak on the natural world.
Her work focuses on noticing the minutiae, tracing encounters with nature, where sights, sounds and smells of the real, the imagined and the remembered coalesce with the passing of time.

Standford is currently based in rural Suffolk.

Standford’s sound work can be found on Bandcamp:

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